Speech of the Secretary General

Ladies and Gentlemen Sudanese Nuclear and Radiological Regulatory Authority (SNRRA) was established for the Protection of human and the environment from the potential hazards of ionizing radiation applications. SNRRA is responsible for monitoring and licensing radioactive materials and sources of radiation used in medicine, research, mining, oil and other industrial fields, as well as preparing the regulatory structure of the Sudanese nuclear power plant project. All of the above is included in the Nuclear and Radiation Regulatory Act of 2017 that approved by National Assembly in January 11 2017 which became effective by the signature of the President of the Republic on 26 February 2017.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Nuclear and Radiation safety and security are the values that cannot be compromised when it comes to the protection of human health. We in SNRRA are focusing on what measures should be taken and how these measures can be implemented to ensure the safety and security of nuclear and radiation in the country. In this context, we promise to establish and maintain strict control and effective communication with the public. We hope that everyone will communicate with us through this website as genuine partners in achieving these goals.

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بيان صحفي حول عربة محملة بالنفايات في مدينة شندي

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  • IAEA

    Khartoum, Sudan, 10 – 14 September 2017

  • National Workshop

    26-30 November 2017, Khartoum, Sudan

  • Workshop on leadership, integrated management System and safety culture

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Our Partners

  • Customs Authority

  •   General Administration of Civil Defense  

  • Regional Forensic Laboratories

  • IAEA

To Ensure

To be a distinguished regulatory authority for nuclear and radiation safety, nuclear security and safeguards providing the best public services fulfilling its task responsibly , enjoying trust and recognition at national, regional and international level l. Reed More

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